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Advanced word search for Scrabble and Word with Friends

This is where you can find all possible combinations according to a given pattern. This can be useful in all word games such as CROSSWORD PUZZLES, CHARADES as well as in word board games such as SCRABBLE. Each word found can be checked in the dictionary by clicking search.

How to search for words by patterns?

Searching by patterns is something that will allow you to find every matching word that follows – that’s right - a pattern.

A bit of theory

We define a pattern by indicating the letters that must appear in the word and by indicating the places where any letters or their strings may appear.

We indicate any letters or sequence of letters with the following characters:

? - any single letter

* - any sequence of letters

Time for practice ...

Example one:

We are looking for words that:

1. Start with the letter A
2. Have the letter T somewhere in the middle T
3. End with the two letters OM

Enter it like this:


But why?

The first letter is A - so enter A

In the middle is the letter T so ... between A and T there can be any number of letters, i.e. any sequence of letters, therefore type *

The next letter is T

Then again any letters, therefore - enter *

Finally, the letters that end the word, which are OM

Example two:

We are looking for words that:

1. Start with any letter
2. The second letter must be U
3. Then there are any letters
4. And the word must end with the letter A

We enter it like this:


But why?

1. The first character is any single letter – therefore enter - ?

2. The second is U, type U

3. Any letters after U can be entered – therefore enter *

4. The last letter is A, therefore enter A

Finally, for all cases - click on Search for words by pattern

REGEX - regular expressions for very advanced players

If you want to search for words according to patterns defined by regular expressions, start your pattern with an exclamation mark !

Third example (for regular expressions):

We are looking for words that have a sequence of letters inside with the following structure:

1. Letter Z

2. Any letter in the range of [a-e]

3. Any character

4. Any letter in the range of [s-t]

5. Letter S

Our pattern should look like this: !z[a-e].[s-t]s

Do not forget the exclamation mark - this is the information that a regular expression will be processed.

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