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Player Initials

Score keeping with Scrabble scorepad for card games and board games - how to use it?

The player's scorepad, is a place where you can record your points in games such as Scrabble, Word with Friends and card games like a poker and others. It is something that replaces a piece of paper and the tedious counting of points.

Starting the game

To start the game, enter the players' initials in the order of the players.

If there are more players - click Add player, for less – Delete player.

After determining the players, click Start the game!.

Game scorepad Scrabble, Word with friends, Poker

Adding points

Points are added by clicking the Add associated with the player.

To make it easier, click anywhere on the table or start entering points from the keyboard and it will automatically start entering points for the player whose turn is next.

Entering points allows the entry of negative points (e.g. after the end of the game in Scrabble, players receive negative points for letters they did not manage to use) and the introduction of information about the player passing.

Points calculation

The entered points are automatically added together. The cumulative value of points scored by the player is shown.

At any time, if you make a mistake, you can withdraw the last entry – by clicking Undo last entry last entry.

At any stage you can use the dictionary for Scrabble or Word with Friends by clicking the Search for words for Scrabble and Word with Friends in POOCOO

Important! When you accidentally exit the game, poocoo remembers your results, you don't have to worry about losing your score records.

Ending the game

Ending the game - by clicking the End of the game – thanks to this you will go to the summary, where you will see the final results, the game time as well as options to show off to your friends on social networks such as FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

We wish you many successful games ...

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